We are interested in creating a weekly reality program featuring Witty Owl as the moderator for the purpose of encouraging students to stay in school.  The program will reward participating students randomly, which will be selected from the audience made up of students that have passing grades. The show will be taped in Orlando, Florida with a different theme each week featuring the different cultural makeup of our society. 

Our main goals and focus will be on:
    * To curve TRUANCY and reduce DROP OUTS.
    * To increase LITERACY.
    * To INFORM and ENCOURAGE the different 
       occupations and professions available to each child.           
    * To educate on the dangers of CRIMES, and      
       DRUGS, and its impact on our society.
    * The advantage of HEALTHY habits and daily   
    * The importance of GETTING ALONG with your 
    To learn more about our concept and how it can be commercially advantageous to you, contact us with comments, suggestions, and concerns. We encourage you to learn more about our endeavors by viewing our DVD videos. 

Future Generations
PO BOX 530027
Orlando FL 32853-0027

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