Study  after study has shown that for the most part, education is the key to success in life. A good education leads to confidence, competence and an ability to compete in the job market. On the other hand, the link between a lack of education and crime has been documented by scholars for decades. In today's society, an individual's involvement in a life of crime has been increasingly related to educational experience. The lower ones' education, the higher the possibility that person will become a criminal. That is not to say that all high school dropouts turn to a life of crime.

However, statistics show that in terms of succeeding, they will fall into the lower wage earners of society, possibly having to struggle their entire life. A more educated society leads to a better country socially and economically. Therefore, the key is to keep kids in school and motivate them to complete their education, and perhaps even go on to college. That is why I have designed this program. To keep our children in school so they can go on to become successful individuals and contribute to the prosperity of our nation. To remain a world leader, we must think about our future generations and how we can help them achieve this. We believe it's all about education, and that is why we must guarantee today's children will be the leaders of tomorrow.
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